Village Attractions

Bushranger mural

Canowindra – Age of Fishes

Imagine a world ruled by fish! Long before the dinosaurs the mighty rivers of the Central West teamed with bizarre ancient fishes – fish with armour shells, fish with lungs, and huge predators with jaws like crocodiles. Thousands of their fossils were found at Canowindra and give us a unique glimpse into life during the Devonian Period – the “Age Of Fishes”.

A chance discovery in 1956 revealed an extensive fossil bed dating from the Devonian Period.This 360 million year old formation contained the fossilised remains of over 3500 freshwater fish. Many were new to science.

This unique fossil collection is now on public display in the township of Canowindra, only a short distance from the discovery location. The Museum displays many of these beautiful fossils together with live aquarium displays and wonderful recreations of life in the Devonian.

The Age Of Fishes Museum has a wonderful gift shop, sculpture garden and permanent exhibitions.

Parkes – The Dish

The CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope and Discovery Centre, located 20km north of Parkes, with its giant dish can be seen from kilometres away on the Newell Highway. Star of hit movie ‘The Dish’, the Telescope is one of Australia’s most prominent landmarks and part of our scientific and engineering heritage. You can drive almost right up to it and marvel at the 64 metre steel paraboloid, elegantly balanced atop a three storey concrete tower. Astronomers, curious about the universe have used the telescope for almost 50 years.

The Telescope Discovery Centre features interactive exhibits and displays about the telescope and audio-visuals including 3D features. Staff are able to answer your questions about the telescope and a shop includes a range of souvenirs, books and educational toys.

Forbes – Bushrangers hall of fame

The basement of Forbes’ lavish Albion Hotel houses the Bushrangers Hall of Fame Museum, which tells the fascinating tale of the notorious locals who once operated on the wrong side of the law.
The basement contains the remains of the tunnel system that connected the hotel (formerly the local Cobb and Co office) with the town’s banks. To foil bushrangers, gold was transported through the tunnels.

Cowra – Historic Prisoner of War campsite

The Cowra Prisoner of War Campsite is one of the top heritage sites in NSW. Today, visitors can walk through the camp ruins and view a short free holographic presentation about the breakout at the POW theatre.

Darby Falls Observatory

Darby’s Falls Observatory is the primary reason for visiting the village. The observatory boasts one of the largest telescopes available to the public. The astronomers will reveal the wide universe and show visitors around the night sky, pointing out things like the moon, planets, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. Darby’s Falls Observatory is open every night, weather conditions permitting and at other times by appointment.

Overview of Region

Rolling Hills

Cabonne NSW

There’s another Cabonne. It’s in France near Toulouse. It grows excellent maize and wheat.

Our Cabonne Country has excellent vineyards, orchards, a gold mine, three national parks, picturesque historic towns, and a museum of fossils up to 360 millions years old sourced from an ancient Canowindra lake.

This is the region that encompasses Canowindra, Molong, Borenore, Cargo, Cudal, Cumnock, Eugowra, Manildra, Mullion Creek, Nashdale and Yeoval.

You’ll know you’re in real country Australia here, because the landscapes and streetscapes are so like old paintings and photographs, they’re almost turned up at the corners.